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 Round #1, Kinston NC

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Round #1, Kinston NC Empty
PostSubject: Round #1, Kinston NC   Round #1, Kinston NC EmptyMon Apr 30, 2012 10:55 am

Track is ready at Kinston, layout is the same, except for small changes in some areas.

Off camber corners are higher now & have more angle to them, so you wont be able to just speed over them now like before.
The left hand corner before the off camber corners, it has been widened going in, so that the option lanes can be wider, more free to carry more speed.

Hay bales for that left hand corner, to make the center of the option lane, will have sand in them to hold them in place, so no lane switching this year folks.
Barrels placed to mark the race course, will have water in them, so dont cut that corner too close.

Anybody coming early in the week, Kinston is only about 30 to 45 minutes from Atlantic Beach NC, so if you fill the need for some salt water & sun or just laying on the beach, easy to get there & wont take much time.

Dont forget, Kinston has full RV hook ups, but hurry if your wanting one, cause 17 has already been reserved. Bring or pick up a Wally Water Mate, because the fresh water has around 80 lbs pressure & will bust a water hose in a heartbeat, dont believe it, ask Joy Padon, Jofab Racing.
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Round #1, Kinston NC
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